Eva Killenberg

And this is my website.

I'm a builder, storyteller, and adventurer. I strive for balance and growth. I seek opportunities to lift others up. I'm happiest when learning, exploring, and connecting with people.

I'm originally from Little Compton, Rhode Island, but I have found homes in Providence, Newport, Chapel Hill, The Outer Banks, Philadelphia, San Francisco, and Raleigh. I'm currently living and learning at the University of Pennsylvania, with a major in Computer Science and a minor in Urban Studies.

Penn Clubs

Worked with a team to build and deploy Penn Clubs, an interactive user-based platform for Penn students to browse, favorite, and manage their membership in campus organizations, with a React frontend and a Django backend.

Ergbot Web and iOS App

Contributing code to both the iOS and Web app for ErgBot, a erg-logging software startup, in React Native and React.

Penn Labs Website

Converted the organizational website of Penn Labs, a software development organization at Penn, from HTML to React and added style and functionality components.

MindBank Website

Designed and created the organizational website of The MindBank, a consulting group at Penn, in React.


Created the concept, design, and codebase for Grapevine, a platform for small business owners to crowdsource event marketing, on mobile and web platforms in React Native and React.


Implemented a digital version of the Set card game in Java.

Data Structures and Algorithms

Learned about the theory, implementation, and runtime of data structures and algorithms.

Discrete Math

Covered topics of combinatorics, functions, probability, set operations, graph theory, and induction in a mathematical, proof-based computer science course.

Network Theory

Learned about graph stuctures and algorithms in relation to social networks, recommendation systems, and search engines.

Urban Redevelopment

Studied the historical movements in urban redvelopment, analyzed a local redevelopment plan, and created a redevelopment plan for a given site.

Dynamic Systems

Applied linear algebra concepts to model and analyze multi-dimentional systems of equations.

Design Thinking

Participated in a series of workshops on design thinking through IBM then implemented a design thinking program at my school.

Penn Labs

Full-Stack Engineer

Penn Labs is a student-run, open-source software development organization at Penn that creates and maintains products for Penn students.

The MindBank


The MindBank is a student consulting group at Penn which provides advice and insights to companies, businesses, and startups focused on the campus environment.

Penn Women's Club Soccer

Captain, Center Midfielder, Web Manager

Penn Women's Club soccer competes competitively with schools in the mid-Atlantic region.

Penn Appetit

Culinary Team

Penn Appetit is a culinary club at Penn which produces food magazines each semester.


Standards Committee

OAX is a social philanthropic organization at Penn which fund-raises for Women Against Abuse, a non-profit dedicated to domestic violence prevention and awareness.

Frida Khalo

A bold artist and woman.

Invisible Cities

A beautiful text by Italo Calvino.

Data-driven project

Looking to apply my skills to collect and analyze data to solve a project in my environment.

Learn how to ollie

The amateur skaterboard owner's transition to skater girl.

Roadtrip across the US

Ideally in a camper van with a dog or best friend.

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